Sample Collection of Bone Marrow, Blood, Peripheral Blood Stem Cells or Umbilical Cord Blood from Patients with Genetic Diseases Affecting the Blood Cells

NCT#/Phase: N/A
IRB#: 2016-106
Description: A bone marrow repository has been set up to store CD34+ isolated cells from fresh bone marrow samples from patients with non-malignant hematologic disorders. Samples can be obtained from collection of bone marrow on patients who are already scheduled to receive a bone marrow aspirate for clinical care, a peripheral lab draw, extra blood left over after a mobilized peripheral blood stem cell collection by apheresis or samples of cord blood units obtained from the Sibling Connection Program at ViaCord.
Inclusion: Individuals of all ages with congenital immune deficiencies, inherited red blood cell disorders, lysosomal or peroxisomal defect, stem cell disease or hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
Enrollment Status: Open for enrollment
Sponsor: California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Principal Investigator(s): Mark Walters, MD
Contact(s): Marci Moriarty, RN (510-428-3385 x5396)
Cyrus Bascon (510-428-3885 x6953)
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