Standards of Care

04: Blood Transfusions

4.1 Assessing the need for routine transfusions
4.2 Baseline laboratory tests prior to regular transfusions
4.3 Transfusion administration and monitoring
4.3.1 Transfusion facility
4.3.2 Type of blood product
4.3.3 Target hemoglobin and frequency of transfusions
4.4 Adverse reactions to transfusions
4.5 Splenectomy
4.6 Thromboembolic Disease

05: Iron Overload and Chelation Therapy

5.1 Initiation of chelation
5.2 Treatment with iron chelators
5.2.1 Treatment with deferoxamine (Desferal)
5.2.2 Treatment with deferasirox (Exjade)
5.2.3 Treatment with deferiprone (L1/Ferriprox)
5.3 Patients with significant iron overload
5.3.1 High-dose, continuous deferoxamine
5.3.2 Combination therapy: deferoxamine and deferasirox
5.3.3 Combination therapy: deferoxamine and deferiprone