Other Approaches in Trial

LTF-303 study

Long-term follow-up study for all participants in the parent Bluebird Bio clinical trials. Only those who were part of previous study are included

REG-501 study

Currently in process. Study to open next month (12/2023) but it is a long-term follow-up registry study for those patients that were treated on Zynteglo.

ST-400-01 : trials sponsored by Gamida Cell (CordIn and NiCord) and the Sangamo Therapuetics

Study is currently closed. 

HGB 212 study

Study is closed to enrollment, but still technically an open site for follow-up.

EM-301-BThal-001, NCT # NCT05444894 Sponsored by Editas Medicine, Inc. Principal Investigator is Dr. Mark Walters. 

This is a gene editing study for Thalassemia patients that is open to enrollment (though it will be closing shortly - Fall 2023).