Thalassemia specialty care centers in the Western United States

TWC The Thalassemia Western Consortium (TWC) is a regional network of 11 thalassemia treatment centers in the Western United States. The Consortium aims to establish collaborative thalassemia standards of care, collect data on thalassemia services and outcomes, and reach hematologists outside of their group. The Consortium met in November 2018 for its fourth annual meeting in San Diego.

Consortium Activities:

  1. Developing standards for blood transfusion in thalassemia.
  2. Developing guidelines for managing hemoglobin H disease.
  3. Promoting adoption of the Thalassemia Management Checklists.
  4. Data collection for federally-funded thalassemia projects (Health Resources and Services Administration; Centers for Disease Control).
  5. Outreach to physicians caring for patients with thalassemia through educational activities and meetings.